Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FOSS4G and Biodiversity International Year

I am not sure if there is enough people on the biodiversity informatics/conservation community that knows about the great conference on Open Source and GIS FOSS4G.

Most of us are already using great Open Source software for GIS. For example Geoserver, PostGIS, Quantum GIS,gvSIG, GRASS, OpenLayers, GDAL/OGR, MapServer and many more. This is the conference were all those developers meet. The conference include Workshops, tutorials and presentations. The level of the program is just amazing. Let me show you some of the ones of my own interest:

T-08: How to generate billions of tiles using distributed cloud-computing
T-11: Standardized geoprocessing with 52°north open source software
W-14: Practical introduction to GRASS
W-09: Quantum GIS and PostGIS: Solving spatial problems and creating web-based analysis tools

Or take a look at last year presentations to get excited on the great topics that are discussed on this conference.

So I really would like you to consider attending this great conference and participate on the Open Source movement on GIS.

But more important. In this International year on Biodiversity, I would like to get something organized around Biodiversity/Conservation and Open Source Geospatial software. I truly believe that GIS Open Source software is enabling the development of lot of our initiatives, and without it handling biodiversity knowledge would just be impossible.

The idea is to have enough people attending from this community to create a side event specific to biodiversity. Last year for example they created one event around interoperability of projects on Climate
Change. What about something similar for biodiversity?

The deadline for paper submissions and presentations is in 2 days, I know it is tight, and it would help me a lot to get support from the organizers if we get a decent submission on biodiversity/conservation

Considering that Biodiversity is deeply linked to Geospatial information I think it could be a great venue to push the requirements from our community into the development of Open Source GIS that most
of us are using anyway.

I have contacted organizers and they are willing to organize a side event for Biodiversity/Conservation, but they just need to know there is enough people interested on it.

I have sent multiple messages to different people and list that I know could be interested and I am getting already lot of answers of people that are gonna be submitting abstracts. I will try to collect all of them in this post so that we can see how the community will be represented.

Additionally if it is possible for you consider supporting the event as a sponsor or providing an official letter of support for the initiative.

Finally. We still need to decide what kind of event we will like to see there. Presentations, an interoperability test (like last year Climate Challenge Integration Plugfest)... we decide.

Looking forward to see lot of people from the community in Barcelona!


Tim Robertson said...

I will be going and submitting an abstract primarily discussing the challenges we have faced when offering global discovery on the GBIF network.

Javier de la Torre said...

I forgot to say that I will be going of course ;) and submitting an abstract on biodiversity geospatial processing using raster technology.

Jacob said...

I will be presenting our work on method and software development for predictive models of intraspecies biodiversity. Will submit tomorrow...

Francesc said...

Be sure that your community will be welcome in Barcelona: I speak on informal behalf of the staff of the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona

Rovellotti said...

Great news Javier, I will be submitting an abstract on our open source projet for biodiversity data collection.

Craig Mills said...

We'll make sure we submit an abstract on

aimee said...

This is a great conference - I've been at least 4 times and always get a lot out of it. All the 'stars' of geospatial development are there - you can actually touch them! Talking might be more acceptable though ...

I'll be going and presenting our latest work updating and expanding Lifemapper, with a common theme of providing biological spatial data and analysis tools as web services. We are using all open-source tools, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Mapserver, GDAL, GRASS, etc. and will be writing a QGIS plugin for multi-layer macroecological datasets as part of a project that just started.

lobogris said...

Great idea, I'll attend and will submit an abstract on "Geoinformation analysis for Conservation: experiences with OS in the Natural Parks of Barecelona".

THK said...

I am thinking about attending for the first time as I will be on sabbatical in Sevilla next year. I work a lot with FOSS GIS tools and wrote much of the rgdal package for R. My academic site is