Friday, August 14, 2009

Presentation at Geoweb 09: Biodiversity: Where is important

I was a invited speaker at this year Geoweb 09 conference in Vancouver. This year the conference was focus on Cityscapes. Kind of trying to figure out how the geoweb could help on urban infrastructure on cities and things like that. It was curious that someone like me, focus mainly on biodiversity, got invited as a speaker there. But considering that cities have a huge effect on biodiversity, I think it was great to be there to offer some perspective on what we are doing in Biodiversity Informatics in relation with the geoweb. Hopefully some people got the idea of openness of this community, what primary data is and how are we sharing it. Here is my presentation on slideshare and links to videos on youtube (in 5 parts).

The conference was great and some people claim it was very hot, but really, these people dont know what a hot summer is if they havent been in August in Madrid.
I specially enjoyed meeting with Aaron Cope from Flickr, Paul Ramsey from PostGIS team and lot of different people there.

I might start getting into the discussion on how biodiversity informatics can better share their data to better play on the geoweb, specially since there is some great discussion going on. Related to why OGC does not work with us is the question on how we can more effectively share our data so that it better plays on the Geoweb.

Finally I think it is interesting if more people from biodiversity informatics start getting into this issue and this conference is a great place to discuss them. So, hopefully next year I will not be the only one talking about biodiversity at Geoweb 10!