Monday, September 6, 2010

Biodiversity and conservation agenda at FOSS4G 2010

Today starts FOSS4G 2010 in Barcelona the biggest event on Open Source GIS software. We have been trying to push the participation of Biodiversity related projects and tools on this event in the previous months. Unfortunately most of the talks sent by Biodiversity related projects had not been accepted. The number of abstracts sent this year to the conference is been so big, that seems it was really hard to get into the program.

Nevertheless, there is still quite some Biodiversity and conservation related talks and events going on at FOSS4G and I would like to highlight from the official program a "Biodiversity and conservation agenda at FOSS4G 2010" for those interested on the topic. There is muuuch more in the program, I am just highlighting here what I believe is relevant to our community.

Tuesday 7th:

OpenLayers: SOS and INSPIRE This is not a biodiversity specific talk, but INSPIRE will likely change any Biodiversity project done in Europe, so I pick this one, as SOS is potentially one of the most realted standards to Biodiversity.

Wednesday 8th
Enhancing the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) with Open Source Software 

Natural Earth – Free World Base Map
The World Meteorological Oganization Information System
ecoRelev√©: An open source response to the biodiversity crisis 

Thursday 9th:
Open-source Earthquake and Hydrodynamic Modelling 
Building the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas on an Open Source Framework 
Open Environmental Services Infrastructure 

We are also organizing a Break Out session for Biodiversity. Please register on the wiki so that we know how much people will be coming.

Finally maybe a list of people that I know are coming to FOSS4G and that are part of the biodiversity informatics community:

Andrew Hill - University of Colorado
Olivier Coullet - Natural solutions
Javier de la Torre - Vizzuality

I look forward to see you all there.