Thursday, June 4, 2009

Greenpeace BlackPixel | Beautiful Idea

Today we've discovered BlackPixel. A beautiful initiative by greenpeace to save energy.
The application draws a black square in your screen that not disturb your visualization.
If you over the square, you can view how many energy is being saved.

A little effort for you, a big benefit for all.

You can know more about it here


Anonymous said...

It works with only CRT and Plasma screen monitors == Pretty useless.

Javier de la Torre said...

Yep... it is true. In any case I like the idea have to say, pity it just dont make much sense :D

Anonymous said...

oh well Simon beat me to it

Charles Manning said...

Unfortunately a complete waste of time.

For some numbers look a my post at, but they can be summarised as follows: drinking one cup of coffee less per year has far more impact than running BlackPixel on a CRT monitor.

It is far too easy to make little symbolic acts, but only real acts have any real effect.

If we need to be cutting back by 20% then we should not be fiddling with the things that cut back by 0.00001%.