Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nice JSON backed flash charts

There is a nice flash charts implementation, that is backed by JSON calls (here) - ideal for a non flashy, backend java person like me. I plan to use it to produce some summary visualisations on datasets so you can discover what you have before downloading 22Million records or so. Combined with some simple mapping views, I aim to do summaries like (these are just some first thoughts and not properly thought through):

- taxonomic + basis of reference matrix (observations of animals, versus specimens of plants etc)
- temporal coverage by taxa (give an idea of what names might have been used during identification)
- X-referenced with mutliple taxonomies (e.g. Catalogue of Life 2008 covers 50% plants, 75% animals in results)
- occurrence density maps
- taxa "distribution" maps - based on raw points. with BiodiversityAtlas, could overlay real distributions and points
- Protected area coverage (records in protected areas, % of result geospatial scope that is considered protected and which category)

This would all sit on top of data that is mined using hadoop. More to follow as this idea develops...


Michael Haufler said...

Maybe you wanna check out:
JOFC2 ( We are a new OSS Java Libary Project (LGPL licence) for OpenFlashChart 2.

Tim Robertson said...

Thanks Michael - I started doing the same but just didn't have time to finish it. I am very happy to see this project and will for sure use it! Thanks for posting it.

Michael Haufler said...

You're welcome to join the project. If you wanna do so just contact me here: