Thursday, June 5, 2008

GBIF on your Iphone

I have been playing the last 3 days with my new Ipod Touch. I mainly bought it to try programming stuff for the iphone SDK. But first I wanted to start with something easier. I looked at available iphone frameworks to develop AJAX iphone apps and came to IuI. This is a very easy to use library that includes CSS and Javascript. So I couldnt resist to give it a try.

I decided to take a look at GBIF. I know the IT guys there at Copenhagen and I couldnt resist to try their APIs, specially the JSON ones. I contacted Dave Martin who helped me a lot with the APIS and in 3 days I came to the next video. Of course there is a lot of things that could be improved but I think is nice for a short try.

I have made a video for those who do not have an ipod/iphone yet. I know it is rotated, but sorry I dont find a way to rotate videos on my mac, so sorry for the neck pain while watching it.

I know the music is also... well, I did not want to spend more time. Here it goes!

And if you want to try it for yourself here is the link (you should use safari or any webkit browser):

I hope you like it. Any comments or feedback is welcome.


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